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The increasing threat landscape in the digital age and the associated regulatory conditions for the security of an IT landscape imply that security must become an integral part of all IT projects. Maintaining an overview of one's own exposure or identifying security gaps within internal and third-party software projects at an early stage is a time-consuming challenge.

Do not give attackers the chance to win this race against time. scanmeter supports you!

Secure Solutions Pay Off

scanmeter automates cyber security assessments, so-called penetration tests, and helps you to detect and mitigate vulnerabilities as early as possible. scanmeter supports you with a cost-efficient, technical cyber security assessment of web applications, systems or source code based on dynamic (DAST) or static (SAST) security testing methods.

scanmeter's target group-oriented reports help decision-makers, security managers and developers to eliminate identified vulnerabilities in a targeted and timely manner and to track ones increase of the security maturity.

Parallax Features

Together, We Are Going to Fight Cyber Risks

Starting from basic tools up to groundbreaking features we have created the ultimate platform to support you to fight the increasing risks of the digital age.


Dynamic (DAST) and static (SAST) application security testing methods

Best-of-Breed Methodology

Ideal usage and intelligent combination of the best available security testing tools

Cost Reduction

Drastic cost reduction due to maximized automation

Vulnerability Management

Simplified management thanks to comprehensive inventory and historization

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Seamless integration into existing business and development processes (CI/CD)

Secure Software Development

Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDL) and DevSecOps, everything under one roof


Security assessments at your fingertips


Reports tailored to all addressees in the formats you are familiar with

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Service Portfolio

scanmeter helps you to proactively detect and remediate vulnerabilities and to mitigate cyber security risks using a unified platform and professional Managed Security Services. Our experienced team helps you to deliver scalable cyber security assessment solutions and to get the most out of your information security strategy.

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  • DAST
  • SAST
  • Managed Security Services
  • DevSecOps

Remediation Support

Finding Verification

Intrusive and Non-Intrusive Security Scanning

CI/CD Pipelines

False Positives Management

Multi Tenancy

Vulnerability Verification

Research & Development

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Application Security

Exposition Analysis

Best-of-Breed Security Testing Tools

Authenticated Security Scans

Enterprise Integration

Point-and-Click Scanning

Penetration-Testing-as-a-Service (PTaaS)

Security Compliance Reports

Reporting using Office Formats (Word, Excel and PDF)

Active Security Scanning (Fuzzing)

Vulnerability Management

Penetration Testing

Vendor Communication

Web Application Security


Custom Integrations for additional Security Testing Tools

API Security

Source Code Security

API based on OpenAPI (Swagger)

System Security

Security Architecture

Hosting in Switzerland

Integral Security

Information security in a company is a continuous process. scanmeter offers you the possibility to integrate seamlessly into your existing business and development processes. Be it for continuous monitoring of your own internet exposure or for a fully automated regular security audit as part of a secure development pipeline, scanmeter covers your needs for quality assurance of an IT landscape and the management of security vulnerabilities.

Exposure Analysis

scanmeter checks and monitors your internet exposure continuously. So you can see at a glance if there is an overexposure and how the own attack surface has changed along the time axis.


DevOps but secure. As an integral part of a security testing pipeline, scanmeter ensures that the security of your projects does not fall behind and that DevSecOps can be lived.

Quality Assurance

As a quality gate, scanmeter ensures that changes in the security maturity are proven and documented. You can see at any time when a security gap was detected or corrected.

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Managed Security Services

A critical success factor in the digitization of business processes is the reliability of the services involved. Automation enables you to carry out cost-effective and thus regularly recurring security and risk assessments during development, acceptance tests and in operational environments. Therefore, critical security gaps can be detected and remedied at an early stage.

Verified Vulnerabilities

Identified vulnerabilities are manually verified by experienced security experts for an improved reporting accuracy.

Authenticated Scans

The web application under test contains protected areas and relies on strong authentication? We take care of the correct authentication of the security testing tools for you.

Consulting Services

In need of help with interpretation of reports, reproducing a vulnerability, or deciding on mitigation measures? We support you!

Service Offer

With scanmeter's Managed Security Services we offer you custom-tailored services in the field of information security. Whether it's a security assessment of a complex web application or an analysis of your internet exposure, you'll find a perfect match.

Exposure Analysis

Range of Services

Verification of test authorization and enumeration of Internet exposure, showing which web applications and systems are visible to attackers. Configuration, execution and monitoring of the non-invasive or invasive security assessment of Internet exposure.


A comprehensive report completes the exposure analysis. The report helps decision-makers, security managers and developers to be able to remedy identified security gaps in a target-group-specific and timely manner and to monitor the increase in maturity.

Web Application Security Scan

Range of Services

Verification of the test authorization and configuration of the security check of a web application with optional user logins (authentication). Execution and monitoring of the security check with state-of-the-art test methods. Complete plausibility check of all identified vulnerabilites.


A comprehensive report completes the Web Application Security Scan. The report helps decision-makers, security managers and developers to eliminate identified vulnerabilites in a target-group-specific and timely manner.

Continuous Security Assessments

Range of Services

The range of services supports cost-efficient and regularly recurring security checks of your Internet exposure as a subscription. Safety-relevant changes can thus be detected, analyzed and eliminated at an early stage.


Regular generation, supplementation and secure delivery of reports as Word, PDF and Excel files in English. In addition, an interactive web-based dashboard with detailed statistical evaluations is available. So, you can see the increase in the security maturity of an IT landscape at a glance.


scanmeter was founded by complementary partners. As a young and dynamic team with many years of experience in the field of information security and software development, we are at your service as an innovative service provider and independent consultants. Through our Advisory Board, we ensure that we keep an eye on the needs of the market and keep pace with current trends in research and development.

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Damiano Esposito


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Valentin Zahnd


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Fabian Introvigne


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Marc Rennhard

Lead Advisor

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Bernhard Tellenbach

Scientific Advisor

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Dr. Lukas Ruf


Our Partners

Our partners from industry and academia help us to continuously develop and improve scanmeter. Furthermore, our partner network ensures that we focus on innovation and customer benefits.

Consecom AG is a recognized, leading and independent Swiss consulting company in the field of information security. As a long-standing provider of security checks such as penetration tests, Consecom AG knows what is important in practice.

The Information Security department, headed by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Tellenbach of the Institute for Applied Information Technology (InIT) at the ZHAW School of Engineering, deals with new and innovative approaches to securing data and IT systems and protecting them against cyberattacks.


In close cooperation with InIT, headed by Prof. Dr. Marc Rennhard, two research and development projects financed by CTI (new Innosuisse) have been successfully carried out and excellent scientific publications published.

scanmeter is very active in research and development and focuses especially on the following topics.

Automated Security Testing

Vulnerability Scanning of Web Applications and APIs

Asset Discovery / Attack Surface Enumeration

Automated Access Control Testing

False Positives Prevention

Multiple scientific publications are written by or in cooperation with scanmeter and provide detailed technical information regarding the underlying methodology and architecture.


We are proud that we were able to attract national and international companies from the banking, insurance, hospital, pharmaceutical, service and consulting sectors in the year of our launch.

Should you require industry-specific references, we can arrange a contact to one of our customers in mutual consultation.


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